Winter Lawn Care Tips to Consider 

Everyone should know that lawn care and maintenance is actually a year-round event. And the best time for preparing and planning to achieve a great lawn is actually during the cooler months. This is because this can help protect your lawn for the upcoming winter season and be prepared even before it happens. If you properly execute winter lawn maintenance, expect that your lawn will be healthy and pristine when the summer and spring arrives. Meaning, the cold season isn’t the best time to halt taking care of your lawn. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Below are the reasons why you should maintain your lawn before the winter strikes. 


Monitor traffic  

Dormant grass can endure a slight amount of traffic. But, anything that exceeds that can result in a particular damage amount. Hence, you need to particularly be mindful of your grass found under your snow. Even if your lawn appears like an amazing winter wonderland as concealed in snow, it could be dangerous to the grass especially when there is excessive foot traffic. Since you haven frozen blades during this time, the grass is hard and can easily break. Moreover, too much foot traffic can result in massive lawn brown spots during the springtime. 

Remember your plants 

If your yards have some plants nurtured in it, you will be required to come up with a cold-weather plan prepared for every plant type you have. For instance, when you encounter a freeze warning, you have to put frost cloth over them to give them additional insulation. Frost cloths are actually commercially available that come with the extra benefit of allowing light in and encouraging airflow. Before you put it over, guarantee to weigh the cloth down adequately so that they will not fly away during nighttime. Moreover, other species may require to spend the night inside like tender plants in containers. Such types of plants need to be brought indoors during the cold season.  

Avoid frostbite 

Frostbite is among the major things that you have to pay attention to during the winter season. Though this is a common condition in humans, were you aware that grass can also experience this phenomenon? If fact, treating it can actually be difficult to do since it can cause your whole grass in your lawn to be dead or just get patches of dead grass.  Hence, make sure to pay close attention to this and guarantee to do everything to keep them from frostbites.  

The cold season can definitely bring plenty of great and fun times like family nights in front of your fireplace or holiday gatherings and dinners. However, not only the winter season gives us a hard time, but it’s stressful for your lawn and yard as well. Because of that, following the proper steps to prepare for your lawn maintenance during winter is very important. If you need some help from the best landscapers or architecte paysagiste in town, then never think twice to reach us now.