Tips to Achieve an Alcohol-free Holidays

Alcohol is such a massive part of the holiday season or any important occasion, making others believe that not drinking during these times means that it is no fun. But, that notion is entirely wrong. Flash news: You can actually enjoy any occasion even without drinking. Here are some of the techniques to think of the right attitude and the right mindset to achieve alcohol-free occasions:

Recall why you stopped drinking

Writing a list of the entire reasons why they want to quit drinking alcohol might be a great start. It surely does take time to properly finish this exercise but it is actually worthwhile. If you can see yourself glamorizing or romanticizing alcohol from Nestor Liquor San Diego, go back and reread your list to remind yourself why you want to stop drinking. After any occasion, it will be so much better if you don’t have regrets, remorse, and guilt.

Be excited about the new experiences you’ll be having

If you were an alcoholic before, you probably know what a boozy holidays feel like. Now, you won’t be wasting any of your time drinking booze. If you do this, you’ll be able to check the items on your list that you want to do and it won’t be stressful because you won’t have a hangover after the celebration. Now is the time to start making great memories with your loved ones. You’ll eventually be proud of yourself after pulling this off.

Believe that you’re stronger than you think

Life is not always great. Things could go downwards during holidays due to family dramas and our irritating relatives. However, know that alcohol is not the answer and won’t be a solution to such hardships. It can only make you less resilient to stress and more argumentative. Being intoxicated with alcohol is actually a bad one in terms of coping mechanisms. You can be in control of your emotions if you have an alcohol-free day in times of these circumstances.

Be clear on what makes the Holidays special

Alcohol is not the magic ingredient that changes the Holidays into something more fun. You just have to observe all the children during this season. Do they need alcohol for them to have a great time? No. You need to realize that the holiday season is very special since it is the time of the year when you can spend time with the people you care for and away from work.

Make new rituals

If you always tend to have a Christmas morning champagne with you, you should start to decide on how to manage that habit. Now is the best time for you to incorporate things up and make a new routine. Instead of drinking wine, champagne or any kinds of booze, you can start from purchasing alcohol-free fizz every Christmas morning or prepare some delicious hot chocolates with your children, go out for a walk, set up a mocktail bar, or look for the best festive lights within your neighborhood, play a game, take a trip somewhere, or do something totally indulgent. This is the Christmas that you deserve and you should delight in your alcohol-free holidays. You deserve it!

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